Abehe Baptist Church was founded in the first week of May 1997, when Rev.B.O. Ekhator, the minister in charge of Central Baptist Church announced that those who wanted to go to Abehe street to form the foundational members of Abehe Baptist Church to come out.

Before then, Central Baptist Church had been going to Abehe street for crusade and evangelism. When the announcement was made, the following people came out: Sis. Abimwanse Eweka, Hon. S.A. Uyigue and family, Pastor and Pastor (Mrs.) Osaikhiuwu JP, Mr and Dns. D.U. Asemota, Pa W. Igunbor, Pastor O. Afe, Dns. M.O. Evbenaye, Rev. and Mrs. N.I.I. Aihie JP, Mrs. O. Ofremu, Mrs. P. Osazuwa, Mrs. R. Omorogiuwa, Bro. Austin Orobor, Bro. IK. Igbinidu, Bro. E. Eke, Mrs. T. Olaye, etc.

Rev. N.I.I. Aihie was the first pastor of the church from May 11th, 1997 to July 10th, 2004. He was ordained in the year 1998 at Central Baptist Church, which was then the mother church.

Rev. Kehinde Okungbowa took over him as the Pastor of the church from April 2004 till date. He was ordained in the year 2006.

In the year 2002, the first set of deacons were ordained. They are Mrs. S. I. Aihie, Mrs. O. Ofremu, Mrs. E. Akhiamiegbe, Mr. J.O. Imasuen, Mr. G.O. Osagie, Mr. D.U. Asemota (blessed memory).

Other pastors that help the church are Rev. Olu Kolawole, Rev. O. Ekhator, Pastor Henry Erhumwunse, Pastor (Mrs.) Shaibu, Pastor Chris Ogieva.