Perseverance: A Price of Motherhood


Texts: 1 Samuel 1:6-10, 20; Hebrews 10:36

This year’s Baptist Women Missionary Union’s Mother’s Day theme is “Perseverance: A Price of Motherhood”. Mothers are passing through challenging times. This makes motherhood demanding and persevering mothers are becoming scarce. The Bible however shows us a mother who accomplished God’s purpose through paying the price of perseverance. Hannah, a mother and wife endured Penninah’s ridicule in order to accomplish God’s plan for her life. Like an athlete aiming towards the goal, she kept her candle of faith burning until she won the prize of perseverance. She gave birth to her first son, Samuel, the foremost prophet in Israel.

Perseverance is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

What situation are you passing through as a mother? Are you weighed down with loads of care? It is our prayer that through this year’s programme, you will be strengthened to run to the finishing line. Forge ahead through God’s strength. Do not give in to the devil’s trick. Like Hannah, you will also testify to God’s promises which are reliable and eternal.

Why You Should Persevere

Perseverance is often viewed as an idea that cannot be put into practice. Perseverance is practicing “long suffering” which assesses if a person is mature (Galatians 5:22-23). Susanna and her husband Samuel Wesley and their ten children lived in 1700, in rural England. They had financial troubles yet Susanna did not allow the adversity to overwhelm her faith in God. She raised her children with “plenty of washing, scrubbing” and importantly the Word of God. One of her children was John Wesley, the foremost Methodist reformer and Charles Wesley, a great hymn composer.

As a mother, you should be determined to pay the price of perseverance in order to be a living example to your generation like Susanna.

Some Areas Women Need Perseverance

  • Conflict in marriage: Are you having conflicts in your marriage? Ask God for patience to know the cause of the conflict. Also ask for counsel (from your local church pastor or someone experienced in marriage counselling) and pray. There is nothing prayer cannot solve.
  • Delay in childbirth: Are you experiencing delay in childbirth? Cling to God. Don’t regret marrying your husband. Turn to God because God’s way is beyond you.
  • Lack of money: Life can be difficult when there is no money to meet urgent family expenses – paying house rent, and children’s school fees. God may be preparing anyone of us for future assignment by taking us through tough roads today to point out our weaknesses and enable us lean on Him completely (Romans 5:3b; James 1:3-4). God’s way is mysterious; God moves in mysterious ways to perform His wonders.

Examples of Women Who Persevered In Difficult Situations

The lives of three matriarchs in the Bible — Hannah, Mary the mother of Jesus and Abigail.

Hannah persevered with Peninnah’s ridicule (1 Samuel 1:6-10, 20)

Peninnah, the second wife of Elkanah, scorned Hannah for being barren. Hannah responded to the “insult” by “troubling” God in prayers in Shiloh; she saw herself as a woman destined for divine purpose even before she became pregnant. God turned her mourning into singing. As a result, the Lord honoured her persevering faith with seven children. More importantly, she became the mother of the foremost prophet in Israel, Samuel.

This shows that a mother whom God will honour must be ready to pay the price of perseverance to bring God’s purpose to pass in her life, home, church and nation.

Abigail persevered with a difficult husband (1 Samuel 25:2-3)

Abigail endured her “brutish and mean” husband, Nabal. Abigail’s wisdom sustained her life especially her husband’s from David’s anger.

Mary, the mother of Jesus persevered with the risk of Spirit-conceived pregnancy

Two important incidents happened to Mary that revealed her strength in difficult situations. She endured the shame and ridicule from friend and family. She risked her life from carrying a pregnancy without marriage (Matthew 1:17-18). Another situation was when she bore the pains of seeing her Son on the Cross (Luke 23:27-28).

The Bible shows us that every woman who accomplished God’s purpose paid a price of perseverance. No price, No prize. Also, a mother should be content with whatever she has. Envy can make a mother compare herself with others and abandon her initial resolution to be resilient.

How to persevere in difficult times

Perseverance may become difficult to practice even for Christian mothers today due to lack of understanding of God’s purposes in trying times (Hosea 4:6; Job 1:9; Ruth 1:13-14), wrong counsels from friends and relatives (Proverbs 20:18; Psalm 1:1) or unanswered prayers (1 Samuel 28:6-7).  The following suggestions would guide several Christian mothers across the world who are finding it difficult to cope and think of quitting:

  1. Accept that life has its difficult moment for every child of God (John 16:33).
  2. Accept God’s love for you. God permits circumstances to point us to His will (Romans 8:28-29).
  3. Ask for God’s wisdom to understand His purposes in such situation (Hosea 4:6; Job 1:9; Ruth 1:13-14).
  4. Pray for the ability to wait on Him (Psalm 40:1-5).
  5. Depend on Him. Perseverance is a fruit of the Spirit. Without God’s power we cannot persevere. Therefore, we need to be filled regularly with the Holy Spirit to have the ability to endure (Galatians 5:22-23).

Benefits of Perseverance

  1. Perseverance produces characters such as patience, humility, compassion and respect (Romans 5:1-4). People desire to listen to mothers who had survived hard times. Therefore, perseverance is a Christian virtue which you must desire as a Christian lady.
  2. Perseverance brings honour to the name of Christ. Responsible people hardly follow any leader who cannot endure difficulty. A good name is a good legacy that you should pray to bequeath to your generation.
  3. Persevering mothers are preservers of God’s heritage. It shows them as keepers and transmitters of God’s message to others. Persevering mothers are examples of the Grace of God to others. Philippians 4:13 says, I (we) can do all things (perseverance inclusive) through Christ who gives us strength.
  4. A persevering mother earns the respect of others when she succeeds. This is her joy here on earth and when the roll is called up yonder, surely, she shall receive a crown of glory for standing in for her children and family in thick and in thin. The mother who perseveres achieves her goals (Hebrews 10:38; 1 Peter 3:13).


Perseverance is not easy but possible with God’s power. Perseverance is a virtue which the Holy Spirit produces in us if we allow Him to control us. It is the fruit of the Spirit. Therefore, we need to be filled regularly with the Holy Spirit to produce the ability to endure challenges (Galatians 5:22-23). May God supply us with His divine flight to rise over obstacles and become another epitome of perseverance to our world!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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