Prophetic Declarations and Prayer Points For May 2017

Pray and declare the prayers below into your life

  1. God will begin to visit and torment your enemies through dreams in Jesus name.
  2. Any man or woman, physically or spiritually holding back your heavenly inheritance, God will visit and torment them until they hand over your inheritance to you.
  3. Jehovah God will fight for you. Anywhere you cannot go to change things and you need that change to give you joy, God of heaven will go ahead of you and change it. It will surprise you.
  4. Every problem of life that is confronting you, God will turn it into a miracle.
  5. Every Situation in your life, your children’s life that God needs to break natural laws, God will break it in Jesus name. I declare, God will go ahead of you to create an express way to give you victory and breakthrough.
  6. As the enemies continue to pursue you, they will be destroyed in the pursuit. I declare, because God is your fighter, any enemy in your life, God will continue to destroy them in Jesus name.
  7. Any demonic coven whether in the air, land or sea, that will gather and mention my name, the supernatural power of God will visit that coven in Jesus name.
  8. My Father, my Father, let your angels visit anyone that wants to kill me or tie me down. Let your angels visit them in Jesus name.
  9. Every arrow the enemy have released towards you, not to get to your inheritance, the Lord God will intercept those arrows in Jesus name.
  10. The mighty wind of the Great Fighter will uproot all roadblocks delaying you in Jesus name. My Father, My Father, every roadblock that is slowing down my inheritance, let your supernatural wind blow them away in Jesus name.


You can listen to the prayer by clicking the play button below or click here to download to your device (9 MB).

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