The Resurrection Glory

Resurrection glory: Stone covering the tomb of Jesus rolled away

Text: Matthew 28:1-8

What is Resurrection?

Resurrection is being raised from the dead. The word in Greek is anastasis meaning a standing up again. That is (literally) a resurrection from death. A (moral) recovery (of spiritual truth).

Resurrection has three primary meanings in the Bible.

1. Miraculous Healing

In this usage, resurrection refers to individuals who have been brought back to life in this present world. Examples:

  • Elijah  on the Zarephath widow’s son (1 Kings 17:20-24),
  • Jesus on Jarius’s daughter and Lazarus (Mark 5:41-43), John 11:43-44),
  • Peter on Dorcas (Acts 9:40-41).

2. Our Lord’s Resurrection

This resurrection is clearly linked with the overcoming of the power of evil and death.

3. The Hope of a General Resurrection

For Paul, Christ’s resurrection is the basis for the doctrine of general resurrection (1 Cor. 15:12-19)

What is Glory?

The word “Glory” in Greek is doxazo which means to render (or esteem), glorious, honour while in Hebrew, it is Kabod. Kabod which means properly weight; splendid or copiousness honour(able).

In general, glory means beauty, power, honour, greatness and authority.

What is resurrection glory to the believer in Christ?

The glory God put on Jesus has been transferred to us His children (John 17:22).

What is the glory of Jesus?

  • Anointed with power and authority
  • Power over the devil and his agents
  • The abilities to do good without waiting for reward from men .
  • An unknown power: The great stone that was covering the grave of Jesus was rolled away by unknown power which I called resurrection glory.
  • It will quicken your mortal bodies (Romans 8:11)
  • The infilling of the Holy Spirit was made possible as a result of the resurrection of Christ (John 7:38-40).

Any physical or spiritual great stone covering your progress in life will be rolled away by resurrection power this season in Jesus name. Amen!

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Image credit: Flickr via @Waiting for the Word

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